08/15 2012

By jonpei

The dirty little secret about smoothies is that trying to decipher whether you are getting fresh fruit, frozen fruit, ice cream or sherbet would give most foodies a hard time.  Why hide the fact that we only use fruit at the peak of ripeness?

Blenders can do miraculous things and make everything into the same consistency.  But that isn’t a good reason to pulverize some of the best fruit around.  So with our unique blend process we leave the fruit bits intact to showcase our pursuit of the perfectly ripe mango or any other fruit we carry.

Our frozen drinks are one of a kind and that’s how we like to do it.  Is it hard?  Yeah absolutely!  There have been many days in which we had to scour the smallest of supermarkets just to find some ripe mangos during the off season.  But it’s well worth it when we see the reactions of the people who try a Fruitealicious drink for the first time.

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The Art of Mixology

Our history is based on our customers.  So it’s only fitting that our Mixology menu is a collaboration between our customers and our mixologists over time.  Working at Fruitealicious we are always asked to make some weird drinks.  The majority of them just end up on the scrap heap but every once in a while we find a “diamond in the rough”.

Strawberry Shortcake, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Mango Lassi, Mystery Drink

For example, the Strawberry Shortcake was made up by the lady’s next door at the pharmacy.  The Purple Oreo by a customer who brought in some Oreos to mix with their Taro Smoothie.  Or the Mystery Drink which was derived from the legendary Gummy Bear Drink (which we don’t make anymore…long story).

Come try some of our staffs favorite drinks on your next visit!

08/14 2012

By jonpei

Options, options and more options!  We sort of think of our store as a playground for boba lovers.  So come with us and let’s explore the wonderful world of Fruitealicious and our Add-Ins and options.


Fresh tapioca cooked all day long!

Black, chewy and caramel flavored… this aint your grandma’s tapioca pudding.  As a kid, you may have gotten forced into trying some tapioca, in the form of tapioca pudding… most likely it was the last time you thought you’d ever try it again.  Unlike its American counterpart, tapioca pearls are infused with brown sugar giving it that black appearance when cooked.  A perfectly cooked tapioca ball will give you a chewy consistency with a nice bouncy resilience.  Not soft and mushy or hard.

We choose the highest grade of tapioca direct from Taiwan.  Some places cook them twice a day and that’s what they consider fresh.   We cook them in small batches all day long.  Some days we cook over 9 batches in a day, giving you the freshest tapioca around.

Insider Tip:  If you love tapioca, you gotta try our famous Spotted Cow.   The caramel is a perfect complement our tapioca.  Add some flan and it’ll be out of this world.


Rainbow jellies kick butt!

Jellies are misunderstood in that they are not gelatin.  They are actually derived from coconut water.  As a kid, I loved chewing on those little Asian Jelly cups with a yummy piece of Nata de Coco waiting for me in the center.  So why not put it in a drink?

We carry a wide variety of jellies for you to mix and match.  Fruit flavors such as mango, passion fruit, strawberry and pineapple are fan favorites.  Our jellies are firm in texture and add a really fun texture to your favorite drink.

Insider Tip:  Rainbow jellies are slightly softer in texture and more neutral in flavor so they go well with almost anything you come up with.  We also offer coffee jellies and they are great in your favorite coffee drink or creamy drink.  Lots of people like Thai tea with coffee jellies.

Pop Boba:

Strawberry Poppers!

Pop.  Pop.  Pop.  Bursting on the scene almost 4 years ago, we brought the first shipments of Popping Boba to Dallas and the rest is history.  These are the “new-school” of bubble tea with a fun and exciting texture.  With each bite, you get a nice POP and a burst of fruit juice.

Insider Tip:  Our staff has experimented with different combinations of flavors and figured out that a contrast of Pop Boba flavor and drink flavor usually works wonders.  Passion Pop with a Mango drink or a Strawberry Pop with a Pina Colada.  We even carry limited quantities of Orange Pop as well.  A little know flavor we love is Yogurt Pop.  Ask for a sample next time you visit.

Flan Pudding:

MMMM....Flan in my Bubble Tea....

We make this in-house and it’s similar to flan in that it has a nice smooth caramel taste to it.  We don’t advertise it much but if you like caramel, it is OUTSTANDING!

Insider Tip: Flan pudding is great with our iced and blended frappes as well as a nice compliment to tapioca or milk teas.  Also… I’d hate to repeat this again, but it’s great with our Spotted Cow…. Sorry… it really is my favorite drink at Fruitealicious.

Fruit Bits:

Fresh mango, strawberry, kiwi and pineapple... sure hits the spot!

Often overlooked but really is more groundbreaking that any other boba we carry.  Why?  Well the fact that every morning we meticously dice up our perfectly ripened fruit for your Add-In pleasure.  Also, we don’t own a freezer… so that tells you that everything is fresh.

Fruit bits add a nice accent to your favorite fruitealicious drink.  They also add an extra serving of fruit to your otherwise delicious fruit chiller or smoothie.

Insider Tip: Great fruit bits to try are strawberry and kiwi bits.  Mainly because they are bold in flavor and really stand out in your drink.  Also, try our Tootie Fruitie Mix in your drink.  It’s great in iced teas as well.  Lastly if you just love fresh fruit ask for Double Fruit.

08/14 2012

By jonpei

Over 10,000 combinations of Bubble Tea... Imagine the Possibilities.

There is nothing more refreshing than a cold refreshing  iced tea on a hot summer day.  However, at Fruitealicious your iced tea can look even better than it tastes!  Just like a young college student, it’s best to keep all your option open!  That’s why we offer the largest selection of fruit flavors and boba in the Dallas metroplex.

Why stop there at flavors and boba?  So we kept going and even give you the choice of tea types.  Below is a quick rundown on each type to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Green Tea:

We use a Jasmine Green tea due to its fragrant smell and floral finish.  Green teas are known for their many health benefits and has been used as medicine in China for over 4000 years.

Taste: Our Ten Ren Jasmine Green is some of the best in the world.  It has a light taste with a floral finish.  We highly recommend it with any of our tropical flavors such as mango, pineapple, guava, or passion fruit.

Insider Tip: For a really great body cleansing drink, try a Jasmine Green Tootie Fruitea.

Black Tea:

Oh black tea, how can we live without you?  It is the staple of our tea consumption in the US.  There are many different forms of it, but they share the fact that they are fully oxidized which brings out the flavor and the caffeine.

Taste: We use a Lychee Black tea to mix with our flavor because it has a slight fruity finish so it is a universal compliment to anything fruity.  It has a crisp taste with a clean finish.  So if you are looking for something that highlights your favorite fruit flavor, then try it with black tea.

Insider Tip: Try a FroTro Black Tea.  It’s our Frozen Tropical Sunset put into an iced tea.

Oolong Tea:

I love me some oolong tea.  is the halfway between green tea and black tea.  We use a dark oolong from Ten Ren Tea.  Ten Ren is one of the finest tea makers in Taiwan.  It has similar health benefits to green tea but with more of a caffeine kick!

Taste:  Our oolong has a dark slightly nutty taste with a strong oak-like aroma.  It works well with bolder flavors or milk teas.

Insider Tip: Try our oolong milk tea.  It’s a different spin on the classic milk tea.  Great when mixed with tapioca, coffee jellies or flan boba.

Thai Tea:

Unlike the other teas, we don’t really know how to describe it.  But for some reason it’s one of the most popular drinks on our entire menu.

Taste: Maybe someone else can describe it better than me, but it’s a strong brewed black tea with star anise and orange blossom water.  We only make it one way… the thai way…. It has a floral, smooth, creamy taste and goes great with tapioca or flan boba.

Insider Tip: Try a coconut thai tea… the coconut really mellows out the flavors.   Or go home and throw in some Malibu.  =)

06/21 2012

By jonpei

Here are some pics of our Spotted Cow and Totally Awesome Alabama Liquid Snake

Our SPOTTED COW is one of those things that you gotta try in order to understand.  There is nothing quite like it here in the DFW area.  We simply blend milk with Ghiradelli’s  Caramel and Honey Boba to create this amazing drink.  Everyone has a preference on how they drink it.  Some like to shake it all us and others like to leave the caramel at the bottom with the Tapioca.  I like to do it half way.  Try it and you decide what works best for you.

Unique drinks with Tapioca bubble tea mango

This was a drink created by one of our first regulars, Ray.  It’s somehow created a cult like follwoing and to this day is the #1 drink ordered that is not on our menu.  Come try it out and see what all the fuss is about.  Cleverly it’s as simple as just a Mango Green Apple Fruit Chiller but I think the name is where it claimed it’s cult-like following.

06/21 2012

By jonpei

Mark it on your Calender!  Come test your skills at our 3rd Annual Street Fighter 4 Tournament this July at FRUITEALICIOUS!!! We are giving everyone almost a month to practice up! It’s free to sign up.  It’s gonna be Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Tournament Dallas


Just stop into Fruitealicious and pre-register to guarantee a spot. Last year we ran out of spots so it’s highly recommended.

When: Wednesday July 18th, 7pm



2150 N. Josey Lane #100

Carrollton, TX 75006




Grand Prize Winner: Custom Made Street Fighter Trophy +$25 Gift Card AND FREE BUBBLE TEA for the summer!* *

Runner Up:  $10 Fruitealicious Gift Certificate

Contest Rules and guidelines:

  • By entry, all contestants agree to abide by the official rules below.
  • All tournament matches will be played on Xbox 360 using Mad Catz Street Frighter 4 Fight Sticks
  • Entrants must be 13 years or older.
  • Pre-registered contestants PLEASE CHECK IN AT LEAST 30 MINUTES PRIOR to contest start at 6pm or event of a no-show will be disqualified upon the discretion of the Tournament Manager (Fruitealicious Employee).
  • There will a maximum 64 tournament entries. Spots are reserved on a first come basis.
  • Starting bracket is determined randomly. In case of too few entries bracket may be condensed.
  • In case of less than 64 contestants, the remaining spots along with the remaining contestants will be matched up randomly. Any contestant who is matched with a empty spot gets a free pass into the next round.
  • If you are not present when your name is called, the Tournament Manager retains the right to disqualify you.
  • All contestants must use the provided controllers at Fruitealicious.
  • All players must use default button configurations.
  • Contestants must select their own characters (no unlockable characters)
  • Each match will consists Player vs Player of best of 3 rounds with 99 second time limit.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct of any sort will not be tolerated. the tournament manager has the right to disqualify or provide a warning to the player(s) in question.
  • In event of double KO, time over or power interuption, tournament manager will decide on a rematch.
  • First and second player positions will be decided by coin flip before each match.
  • First Prize: Tournament winner will receive a Custom trophy along with $25 Fruitealicious gift card.
  • Final Runner Up: Will each receive a $10 Fruitealicious gift certificate.
  • Fruitealicious management reserves the right to cancel the tournament or make any rule changes which will be announced before the start of the tournament.
  • *FREE BUBBLE TEA FOR THE SUMMER:  The winner will recieve 1 free medium drink w/ 1 add in every day until August 31st.  Must be present in order for them to receive drink.*

06/20 2012

By jonpei

Fruitealicious Bubble Tea

Great drinks recommended by our staff

Stop by and try some of the most interesting and refreshing drinks we have to offer.    My personal favorite is the spotted cow!

Bubble Tea to the Maximus, we are.

03/07 2012

By jonpei

Join us AND SAVE $5 OFF REGISTRATION by entering the coupon code:  FTLFFR5

If you enter the promo code, you will get $5 OFF registration.  Fruitealicious T-shirts are until supplies last… so sign up ASAP!


02/17 2012

By jonpei

A truly refreshing Spanish rice drink that goes perfectly with a hot summer’s day, great Mexican food, Tapioca bubbles or Flan Boba!  Yes, this is a must try for all your tapioca chewers!

Horchata is Back at Fruitealicious

Try it, you know you want to!

We make it fresh at Fruitealicious, from scratch!  A  delicious authentic Mexican rice drink with cinnamon and nutmeg undertones that goes so well with the caramel flavor of our Flan Boba or the delicious honey kissed tapioca balls we serve.

Come stop by and try one of our most popular seasonal drinks EVER…. for a limited time only!  Get it frozen or iced!

Brought to you by North Dallas’ drink specialists!  The FTL!

02/17 2012

By jonpei

We love our local high schools and they love us…. soooo in order to help out the this year’s senior class we’re going award the winning senior class $500 as well as a FREE BUBBLE TEA DAY for their entire school!

Who will win? You decide!

The Competition:

Each school will promote to their respective student bodies, faculty, friends and family to visit Fruitealicious in the month of March and put their drink receipts into the school’s respective ballot box.  Each menu drink = 1 point and the school with the most points at the end of the month wins!  Contest is open to all customers to participate.  Customers are allowed to choose which school they would like to support by dropping their receipt into the school’s ballot box located at the store.


Winning Prize:  We will award a $500 donation to winning senior class as well as a FREE BUBBLE TEA DAY for the entire school.  All current students and faculty must bring in their current school ID.  Each person will receive a FREE MEDIUM BUBBLE TEA or 50% OFF ANY FROZEN DRINK.   The FREE BUBBLE TEA DAY will be scheduled for Tuesday April 3, 2012.

Consolation Prize: There are never any losers at Fruitealicious!  All joking aside, we will reward the 2nd place school with a FREE FRUITEALICIOUS CATERED SENIOR EVENT.  (Prom, senior walk, etc.)


The competition is about having fun and supporting the respective school.  We ask that all promotions and marketing of the competition is positive.

Each school will be allowed to decorate:

1.) 1 window panel of our store front using window chalk

2.) 1 in-store poster

3.) school’s ballot box prior to the start of the competition.

We will post contest results weekly on our facebook page as well as on the store bulletin board.  Winner will be announced April 1st, 2012.

01/10 2012

By jonpei

Gotta come and try our newest YUMMIEST Add-In!  It’s sorta a big deal in Taiwan, the bubble tea capital…. so we thought it would be a great idea to make it a big deal here in Dallas, TX.  Give it a try on your next visit.  You will love the caramel flavor!  We know you’ll love it!  Goes great with Horchata, milk teas, Spotted Cows, and coffee drinks!

Tapioca and Flan Boba