08/14 2012

By jonpei

Options, options and more options!  We sort of think of our store as a playground for boba lovers.  So come with us and let’s explore the wonderful world of Fruitealicious and our Add-Ins and options.


Fresh tapioca cooked all day long!

Black, chewy and caramel flavored… this aint your grandma’s tapioca pudding.  As a kid, you may have gotten forced into trying some tapioca, in the form of tapioca pudding… most likely it was the last time you thought you’d ever try it again.  Unlike its American counterpart, tapioca pearls are infused with brown sugar giving it that black appearance when cooked.  A perfectly cooked tapioca ball will give you a chewy consistency with a nice bouncy resilience.  Not soft and mushy or hard.

We choose the highest grade of tapioca direct from Taiwan.  Some places cook them twice a day and that’s what they consider fresh.   We cook them in small batches all day long.  Some days we cook over 9 batches in a day, giving you the freshest tapioca around.

Insider Tip:  If you love tapioca, you gotta try our famous Spotted Cow.   The caramel is a perfect complement our tapioca.  Add some flan and it’ll be out of this world.


Rainbow jellies kick butt!

Jellies are misunderstood in that they are not gelatin.  They are actually derived from coconut water.  As a kid, I loved chewing on those little Asian Jelly cups with a yummy piece of Nata de Coco waiting for me in the center.  So why not put it in a drink?

We carry a wide variety of jellies for you to mix and match.  Fruit flavors such as mango, passion fruit, strawberry and pineapple are fan favorites.  Our jellies are firm in texture and add a really fun texture to your favorite drink.

Insider Tip:  Rainbow jellies are slightly softer in texture and more neutral in flavor so they go well with almost anything you come up with.  We also offer coffee jellies and they are great in your favorite coffee drink or creamy drink.  Lots of people like Thai tea with coffee jellies.

Pop Boba:

Strawberry Poppers!

Pop.  Pop.  Pop.  Bursting on the scene almost 4 years ago, we brought the first shipments of Popping Boba to Dallas and the rest is history.  These are the “new-school” of bubble tea with a fun and exciting texture.  With each bite, you get a nice POP and a burst of fruit juice.

Insider Tip:  Our staff has experimented with different combinations of flavors and figured out that a contrast of Pop Boba flavor and drink flavor usually works wonders.  Passion Pop with a Mango drink or a Strawberry Pop with a Pina Colada.  We even carry limited quantities of Orange Pop as well.  A little know flavor we love is Yogurt Pop.  Ask for a sample next time you visit.

Flan Pudding:

MMMM....Flan in my Bubble Tea....

We make this in-house and it’s similar to flan in that it has a nice smooth caramel taste to it.  We don’t advertise it much but if you like caramel, it is OUTSTANDING!

Insider Tip: Flan pudding is great with our iced and blended frappes as well as a nice compliment to tapioca or milk teas.  Also… I’d hate to repeat this again, but it’s great with our Spotted Cow…. Sorry… it really is my favorite drink at Fruitealicious.

Fruit Bits:

Fresh mango, strawberry, kiwi and pineapple... sure hits the spot!

Often overlooked but really is more groundbreaking that any other boba we carry.  Why?  Well the fact that every morning we meticously dice up our perfectly ripened fruit for your Add-In pleasure.  Also, we don’t own a freezer… so that tells you that everything is fresh.

Fruit bits add a nice accent to your favorite fruitealicious drink.  They also add an extra serving of fruit to your otherwise delicious fruit chiller or smoothie.

Insider Tip: Great fruit bits to try are strawberry and kiwi bits.  Mainly because they are bold in flavor and really stand out in your drink.  Also, try our Tootie Fruitie Mix in your drink.  It’s great in iced teas as well.  Lastly if you just love fresh fruit ask for Double Fruit.

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  1. Does popping boba contain gelatin? I’ve read that the fluid inside doesn’t, but how about the ’skin’? I’ve tried searching online but I didn’t find a straight answer. Can anyone help me?

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