02/17 2012

By jonpei

A truly refreshing Spanish rice drink that goes perfectly with a hot summer’s day, great Mexican food, Tapioca bubbles or Flan Boba!  Yes, this is a must try for all your tapioca chewers!

Horchata is Back at Fruitealicious

Try it, you know you want to!

We make it fresh at Fruitealicious, from scratch!  A  delicious authentic Mexican rice drink with cinnamon and nutmeg undertones that goes so well with the caramel flavor of our Flan Boba or the delicious honey kissed tapioca balls we serve.

Come stop by and try one of our most popular seasonal drinks EVER…. for a limited time only!  Get it frozen or iced!

Brought to you by North Dallas’ drink specialists!  The FTL!

02/17 2012

By jonpei

We love our local high schools and they love us…. soooo in order to help out the this year’s senior class we’re going award the winning senior class $500 as well as a FREE BUBBLE TEA DAY for their entire school!

Who will win? You decide!

The Competition:

Each school will promote to their respective student bodies, faculty, friends and family to visit Fruitealicious in the month of March and put their drink receipts into the school’s respective ballot box.  Each menu drink = 1 point and the school with the most points at the end of the month wins!  Contest is open to all customers to participate.  Customers are allowed to choose which school they would like to support by dropping their receipt into the school’s ballot box located at the store.


Winning Prize:  We will award a $500 donation to winning senior class as well as a FREE BUBBLE TEA DAY for the entire school.  All current students and faculty must bring in their current school ID.  Each person will receive a FREE MEDIUM BUBBLE TEA or 50% OFF ANY FROZEN DRINK.   The FREE BUBBLE TEA DAY will be scheduled for Tuesday April 3, 2012.

Consolation Prize: There are never any losers at Fruitealicious!  All joking aside, we will reward the 2nd place school with a FREE FRUITEALICIOUS CATERED SENIOR EVENT.  (Prom, senior walk, etc.)


The competition is about having fun and supporting the respective school.  We ask that all promotions and marketing of the competition is positive.

Each school will be allowed to decorate:

1.) 1 window panel of our store front using window chalk

2.) 1 in-store poster

3.) school’s ballot box prior to the start of the competition.

We will post contest results weekly on our facebook page as well as on the store bulletin board.  Winner will be announced April 1st, 2012.