11/16 2011

By jonpei

Like the tunes at Fruitealicious?  It’s imperative to have an awesome soundtrack when drinking the best bubble tea in DFW so we gotta keep it tight!


For all you electro dance junkies!  We’ve collaborated with some of the hottest DJs in Dallas from RLF Society to bring you an exclusive mix!  This is our mix for the Fall.  Some of your favorite hits remixed and remashed!

Click HERE to download a zipped version for your listening pleasure.

Just wanna listen?  Here is a streaming version

Shout outs to DJ DSG and Dis B John!  Bringin’ down the house!

11/16 2011

By jonpei

OMG….  if you haven’t tried one of these, it’s about time you did!  The hottest, craziest craze in the bubble tea universe has landed in little ol’ Carrollton, TX.  Trust us… if you like Tapioca…. then we GUARANTEE U WILL LOOOOOOOOVE this Boba from the Gods!

Don’t worry, we make drinks better than we take pictures!  Don’t be so mean! =P

Hot yummy HONEY BOBA with milk ice…. mmmm…. We just made it a texas version and it’s called a Spotted Cow!  Yee ha!  Couple it with our Flan Boba (or us Asians like the term Egg Pudding) and it’s Magically Delicious!

Whether visiting Taiwan’s Shilin Night market at the best bubble tea spot or California’s massive collection of boba cafes such as Half & Half you will see this drink on the top of the “most wanted” list for Boba lovers!

Happy Chewing!