11/16 2010

By jonpei

What makes for a great cup of coffee?

  • Premium Beans
  • Freshly Roasted
  • Ground fresh to brew
  • Purified Water

At Fruitealicious, we brew our coffee at exactly 200 degrees to extract the optimal taste out of the coffee.  We also brew it in less than 3 minutes to preserve the smoothness and desirable qualities of the coffee.  3 minutes is the optimal time coffee should be purged in coffee to prevent the acidic/ bitterness of the coffee to come out.

Our Espresso

We purchase our beans from a local roaster to get a truly smooth pull of espresso every time.  Fresher beans equal more natural oils and flavor.   We also steam our milk to a desirable 160 degrees for your sipping pleasure.

So whether you are a local to Carrollton or the surrounding Dallas area, stop by and grab a warm and eye-opening cup of coffee from Fruitealicious!  You’ll be surprised how great our coffee really is!