09/09 2010

By jonpei

Smash Bros Melee

Join us for a fun day of Smash Bros Melee!!!

Saturday, Sept. 25th 1pm

We have organized a tournament and we are sure it’ll be a hit.  Come and show your skills or just be a punching bag for Mario.  Either way it’ll be a great day of gaming.

Space is limited so stop by the store and PRE-REGISTER to insure a spot!

The winner will receive a trophy as well as a Fruitealicious gift card for $30!


**We will also have a few stations set up for casual play.  Come early to practice!


  • All matches will be 4 stock matches, with a time limit set to 7 minutes.
  • Single Elimination Bracket.
  • Items are OFF.
  • Stage Selection will be randomly determined.
  • If there is a tie at the end of the time limit, then the person with more stocks wins. If both players have the same amount of stocks, then the person with the lower percent of damage wins.
  • Wobbling is NOT allowed.
  • You will be disqualified if you use any freezing glitches, such as the Ice Climbers’ Freeze Glitch or Mewtwo’s Soul Stunner.
  • Any non-first party controllers must be inspected by an official before use.
  • Performance altering controller modifications are not allowed.
  • Stalling a match is not allowed (such as wall-jumping under Battlefield), but recovery tactics such as Peach’s Wall-Bombing, and Jigglypuff’s Rising Pound are allowed.
  • Pausing during a match may result in a loss of one stock during the match being played.  Decision is based on official review.

09/08 2010

By jonpei


5000 fans celebrating their free bubble tea!

Listen up, Bubbleheads!  As you know, we have been waging a war against bad bubble tea one fan at a time.  So we are asking you to help spread the word of better bubble tea in DFW!

If you have a Facebook account, all you have to do is suggest our Fan Page to all of your friends.  It’s that easy!  We are already half way to 5000!  If you don’t have an account, hop on the social networking bandwagon and sign up!  If not drop and give me 20 pushups!

Our Facebook Page

Ahem, where was I… Oh, yeah!  If we can reach 5000 troops on our Fan Page by October 9th, each and every one of our first 5000 fans will receive a FREE MEDIUM BUBBLE TEA on October 10th. But wait; there’s more!  We’ll also throw a party with FREE food and snacks as well as raffles!

You, your friends, the fake account you set up for your dog, Wiggles – all 5000 fans.  No ifs, ands, buts or booties!

How to suggest your friends on Facebook?

Click on the "Suggest to Friends" link on the Fan Page

We’re proud our loyal fans, and we’d like to reward you all for your efforts in keeping Fruitealicious the fittest, fightin’est, bubble-bitin’est tea shop in America.  It brings a mango-flavored tear to my eye just thinking about it.

How cool is that?  So, you have 1 month.  5000 fans, or 5000 pushups.  The choice is yours.  And always remember that our mission is to fight the battle against bad bubble tea one drink at a time.  At ease, Bubbleheads!

The small print: Not much of it at all… the first 5000 fans will receive a facebook message as soon as we hit 5000 fans.  Those fans will will get a free medium bubble tea or fruit tea.  Limit 1 drink per fan.  The free bubble tea day will be on Sunday Oct. 10th from 11am-7pm.  We have extended our hours for this special event.  If we do not hit 5000 fans, then Fruitealicious will decide a possible secondary prize or promotion Oct. 10th, which will be announced on Facebook.

09/04 2010

By jonpei

While sucking away on your favorite Fruitealicious drink and chomping till your jaw gets tired, you may have wondered what are these little suckers I’m chewing on?  Well we’re here to give you a quick run down on all the Add-ons we have available for you.

Tapioca Balls

Always fresh tapioca balls at Fruitealicious

This is where bubble tea all started.  These black chewy balls of goodness are made of Tapioca, which is from the Cassava root.  A perfect tapioca ball is chewy all the way through with a slight firm and bouncy feel to them when first biting into each one.  We also soak them in honey and brown sugar to give them a slightly sweet tasting undertone.

Quick Tip: Tapioca goes well with almost any drink but try them with either a milk tea or an iced coffee to compliment the inherent caramel taste within them.


Rainbow Jellies

Contrary to popular belief these are not made out of gelatin.  They are actually made out of coconut water.  Also known as Nada de Coco, they have been around for a long time within many Asian desserts and snacks.  Recently they have been used as an alternative to tapioca for bubble tea.  We carry about 8 different jellies at Fruitealicious in various flavors.  Most are similar in consistency except for Rainbow Jellies (which are softer and more neutral in taste) and Aloe Vera (which are diced up aloe that has a succulent crunchy texture).

Quick Tip: Jellies are a great way to change the flavor of your favorite drink and create a different element.   Try putting 2 flavors that don’t seem to match such as Watermelon Fruit Chiller with Green Apple jellies and you’ll be surprised how fun your drink becomes.

Fruit Bits

We finely dice our fruit into tiny little pieces each day for your drink satisfaction.  We purchase, ripen, and cut fruit using a system that always allows us to get each and every mango, kiwi, strawberry, etc to taste the very best it can before we chop up those suckers with our samurai cutting knife!  We currently carry strawberry, watermelon, mango, pineapple, kiwi, raspberry, and peach bits.

Quick Tip: Add a different fruit to your favorite Fruit Chiller.  Try adding fresh mango bits to your next Pina Colada or fresh strawberry bits to your Pineapple Fruit Chiller.  Another popular one is adding fresh mango bits to your iced tea.  Lastly, ask the staff for the “Tootie Fruitea” add on and they will put all our fruits in your iced tea.

Popping Boba

Mango Pop Boba!

Pop!  Pop!  Pop!  Proudly serving the newest add-on available… Popping Boba!  Pop Boba is the newest phenomenon in the Bubble Tea world.  These new-age bubbles burst in your mouth with every sip.  Since they are so new, we have been only able to slowly get them in direct from Taiwan.  We currently stock mango, strawberry and lychee flavors.  We are hoping within the next month we will have passion fruit and yogurt flavors.

Quick Tip:  Looking to a surprise in every sip?  Try 2 Pop Boba flavors in one drink!  You can ask us to split the serving into 2 flavors if you like.  Every sip will be like a new adventure!