06/24 2010

By jonpei

After much anticipation the battle was on!

Congratulations to Ira Humphrey, Chris Acosta, Tyler Lavergne and Ryan Sturrock for making the final four.

Tyler Lavergne, Chris Acosta, Ryan Sturrock, Ira Humphrey

Ira Humphrey vs Ryan Sturrock (Semi-finals)

Chris Acosta vs Tyler Lavergne (Semi-finals)

Ryan Sturrock our 2010 Super Street Fighter 4 Champion!

Random Pic

The Final Bracket

06/17 2010

By jonpei



Yes it takes a lot of time and training to dice fruit at the rate our employees do it, but it’s worth the effort.  Having bits of strawberries, mangoes, kiwis or pineapple in your favorite Fruit Chiller more than makes it worth it for us. Try our famous, one of a kind Fruit Chillers and Mixology menu items.  With our special process you will get mouthfuls of fruit bits in every sip!

Our Tooty Fruity Drink with fresh mango, strawberries, kiwis and pineapple bits!

Our "The Best Drink on the Planet" Drink with fresh mango, strawberry, kiwi and pineapple bits! YUM!


We have the largest variety of add-ons to customize your drinks to what YOU LIKE.  Fruitealicious is always out looking for new things to put into your drink.  We have a a variety of bubbles, jellies, fruit and even mini gummy bears to change up your drink.  Mixing up different fruits and jellies can put a new spin on your favorite drink.  For example, putting fresh strawberries into a milk tea may sound strange but it’s just like saying “chewing on something while drinking your tea” is strange.

White Grape Aid w/ peeled grapes, Aloe Vera Drink, Green Apple Tea w/ Rainbow Jellies

White Grape Aid w/ peeled grapes, Aloe Vera Drink w/ Aloe bits, Green Apple Black Tea w/ Rainbow Jellies...


We use some of the best loose leaf teas from Asia.  Our Black, Jasmin Green and Oolong Teas are all from Ten Ren Tea Company which is one of the most highly regarded tea distributors in the world.  We also use multiple suppliers so we can pick and choose the best flavors from each instead of buying it from just one.  Our tapioca is some of the best around because they are made with real tapioca from the Cassava root versus many other places who use a mix between tapioca and another starch such as rice or corn starch.

Fresh Fruit Iced Teas!  You heard it right!  SOOO Fruitealicious!

A refreshing Fruitea with strawberries and mangoes!


Fresh Tapioca makes a huge difference!  Ever order a bubble tea and after the first sip you want to throw it out because the bubbles are too hard or too mushy??  The reason is because the bubbles have been sitting out for too long.  Depending on how they store it (in a watery sugar solution, or a thicker honey/ sugar solutions) the texture will change over time.  Watery solutions will make it mushier while honey/ sugar solutions will make it harder over time.  Cooking tapioca is a time consuming process so many places cook tapioca once or twice a day to save money and time.  At Fruitealicious we cook tapioca in small batches continuously throughout the day to insure the freshest bubbles possible.  So you will never have a Fruitealicious drink with mushy or hard bubbles.  We are so sure that our bubbles are the best you’ve ever had or your drink is FREE.

Over 1500 combinations of Bubble Tea and endless possibilities of frozen drinks for you to explore!

About Us:

Founded in 2008.  The owners are Jon and Carmen.  Both are Chinese and grew up in the United States and one of their favorite treats as a kid was a good bubble tea.

About 5 years ago they began to wonder how they could make bubble tea better.  So what started out as just an idea turned out to be a great concept for a business.  So they began their quest!  They spent countless visits to bubble tea places in New York and Taiwan to figure out what makes good bubble tea.  After much searching and experimenting they were able to break down the elements of excellent bubble tea.

They got married on May 25, 2008 and moved to Dallas, TX in July.  Six months later their dreams came true and Fruitealicious opened it’s doors in Carrollton in November 2008.

With a lot of hard work, attention to every detail and greeting each and every one of their customers with open arms and a positive attitude they began to make Carrollton a happier place one smile at a time!

With little to no advertising and just their fanatical fans to spread the word, they were able to change the bubble tea landscape here in Dallas in the short time they have been in business.

Jon & Carmen, Owners/ Operators of Fruitealicious

06/15 2010

By jonpei

Can’t get anyone to watch the soccer game with you in your cramped
Why not kick it here at Fruitealicious instead?  Watch every match on our 47″ HDTV.  For a
Whether you want a place to just chill, drink tea, and watch the World Cup on our 500-inch tv, or if you want to talk smack with a room full of fans, Fruitealicious is the place to be.  
World Cup Special
Come in during any World Cup match and get a FREE UPGRADE to a large or FREE Boba!
(Just mention the world cup special)
You’ll be begging your team to go into overtime!

Can’t get anyone to warch the soccer game with you in your cramped apartment?

Why not kick it at Fruitealicious instead?  Come chill, drink tea, or watch the World Cup on our 500 inch TV.  Or if you just want to talk smack with a a room full of fans, Fruitealicious is the place to be.

Here is a link to the FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule



Come into Fruitealicious and get FREE UPGRADES or FREE BUBBLES ON ALL YOUR DRINKS during any World Cup Match!

Just mention “World Cup Special”.