05/09 2010

By jonpei

Come test your skills in the all new Street Fighter 4 this coming month at FRUITEALICIOUS!!!  We are giving everyone almost a month to practice up!  It’s free to sign up but space is limited so hurry and stop by the store and sign up at the front counter

Space is limited so sign up ASAP)

When: Saturday June 12th at 1pm



2150 N. Josey Lane #100

Carrollton, TX 75006


1st Place: $20 gift card  + Trophy + Custom Frutiealicious Street Fighter Fight Stick

2nd, 3rd, 4th places: $10 Fruitealicious gift card

Contest Rules and guidelines:

  • By entry, all contestants agree to abide by the official rules below.
  • All tournament matches will be played on Xbox 360 using Mad Catz Street Frighter 4 SE Fight Sticks
  • Entrants must be 13 years or older.
  • Pre-registered contestants PLEASE CHECK IN  AT LEAST 30 MINUTES PRIOR to contest start at 2pm or event of a no-show will be disqualified upon the discretion of the Tournament Manager (Fruitealicious Employee).
  • There will a maximum 64 tournament entries.  Spots are reserved on a first come basis.
  • Starting bracket is determined randomly.  In case of too few entries bracket may be condensed.
  • In case of less than 64 contestants, the remaining spots along with the remaining contestants will be matched up randomly.  Any contestant who is matched with a empty spot gets a free pass into the next round.
  • If you are not present when your name is called, the Tournament Manager retains the right to disqualify you.
  • All contestants must use the provided controllers at Fruitealicious.
  • All players must use default button configurations.
  • Contestants must select their own characters (no unlockable characters)
  • Each match will consists Player vs Player of best of  3 rounds with 99 second time limit.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct of any sort will not be tolerated.  the tournament manager has the right to disqualify or provide a warning to the player(s) in question.
  • In event of double KO, time over or power interuption, tournament manager will decide on a rematch.
  • First and second player positions will be decided by coin flip before each match.
  • First Prize: Tournament winner will receive a Custom Fruitealicious Street Fighter Fight Stick, a trophy along with $20 Fruitealicious gift card.
  • Final 4 (excluding winner): The final 3 contestants, excluding winner will each receive a $10 Fruitealicious gift certificate.
  • Fruitealicious management reserves the right to cancel the tournament or make any rule changes which will be announced before the start of the tournament.

05/09 2010

By jonpei

Come and check out some great music at Fruitealicious May 16th starting at 4pm.   We have really took our time in picking out these bands and should be a great day of fun!  We will also be having free raffles throughout the show as well as free munchies!

Here is a list of the performers for the day!


Star Commander’s Christian Medrano playing an acoustic set of melodic folk punk.  One of Fruitealicious’ favorite artists.  He brings a fun energy to every performance and we are honored to have him open for us.


Faded Paint: There is something special about these guys.  Not only are they from Carrollton, they truly make a great show every time they do their thing.  Will the lead singer, who is Fruitealicious’ favorite scruffy singer-songwriter, combines his light hearted lyrics with some rowdy but sweet rock n roll.  Looking for happy-fun music?  You got it with them.


Chato y Gato: The drum and guitar duo of Matt & Eugene are former members of the popular group Summer Salt.  They have been pumped for the show so if they are anything like Summer Salt, it’ll be an amazing performance!



NAXAT: Pronounced Nacks-Sat… haha…   His sound is as unique as the name.   This guy is a one man electro-sythn pop rock show that blends video game music and synthesizer with a variety of music genres.  Yes!  Video game music…. We’re just at curious about what he’s gonna be performing as you are!  We are really excited to have been able to book this guy and we think it is a perfect fit for our show.