03/24 2016

By jonpei

Join us for our official Grand Opening!  We’d love to see you there!

Free prizes for everyone who comes!

10/03 2014

By jonpei

Dear Wonderful Fans,

Thank you all for your love and support over the years for our business and our Fruitealicious family. We are excited to let you all know that our Stonebriar location is finally open! Carmen and I moved from New York to start Fruitealicious back in Carrollton in the winter of 2008. We have had a long and challenging road full of ups and downs and without your support we could not have had our dreams come true.

It has been a true blessing to have you all embrace our passion and our message of happines. We truly believe that our entire success is because of all of you and the wonderful people that work for us. We have always believed that true success is measured by how much you can impact the people and the community around us. We have met many wonderful people throughout the years, many who have become great friends, and cherish every time we see people smiling when they come to our stores.

We have opened our 4th location this week across from Stonebriar mall and we would like to take the time to thank you for everything that you have done for us. Carmen and I would never have imagined that our dreams would become so true. We live each day to the fullest and work hard to provide our workers with a fulfilling job, our customers with a one of kind experience and our community with a place to create memories with their loved ones.

Again, thank you for absolutely being there for us and helping us make our dreams come true. We hope to see you soon!

Jon, Carmen and lil Aaron

10/17 2013

By jonpei

Stop in and warm up with our bubble tea classics served piping hot!  Soft chewy tapioca pearls with your favorite classic flavors.  A great change of pace for a cold winter night.

09/21 2013

By jonpei

We just opened our Fort Worth location yesterday and we appreciate all the amazing fans that came out and supported us!  We specialize in boba tea, fruit smoothies and slushes.  We have over 25 varieties of boba including popping boba, jellies, tapioca bubbles, pudding, fruit bits, etc.

Our new location is located at the Grand Marc a@TCU in Fort Worth, TX.  We are open extra late at this location. 10 weeknights and 11pm on weekends.

3043 Green Ave

Fort Worth, TX 76109


Here are some pics of our new location.  Sorry for the fuzziness.

06/24 2013

By jonpei

Thank you to all our wonderful fans for the support over the years.  Without your support we would not have been able to open our new location in Frisco.  We hope to see you guys soon.  Here are some pics!

We are on the Northeast Corner of Dallas North Tollway and Main St.

Fresh Fruit Display.  Wodafood grab in go fridge.  Front Counter

Our location is close to Plano, Allen, Prosper, Little Elm and McKinney TX.

04/30 2013

By jonpei

01/10 2013

By jonpei

We are known for bringing you the newest trends and sometimes starting ones…   We think this is the next big thing!  Sparkling fruit flavored sodas made to order!  Same delicious taste but now with the FIZZ!

Stop by and try one out!  With our premium flavors mixed into purified sparkling water, we allow you to customize your drink the way you like it.  Every soda comes with a free serving of your favorite boba.

As with all things Fruitealicious, you guys will decide if this is something we keep.  The future of Fruitealicious is in your hands!

10/11 2012

By jonpei

Cooking good fresh tapioca is tough…. cooking it every 2 hours… extremely hard!  There is a complicated process we have developed to make the perfect bubble.   However even a perfectly cooked tapioca over time turns soggy and gross.  We have all had that experience sometime in our bubble chewing lives…

But we at Fruitealicious make it a priority to make each and every batch with care and throw out any old batches.  We cook all day long in small batches.  Unlike other bubble tea locations, which maybe will cook 2-3 huge batches a day, we sometimes cook up to 8 batches in a single day!

It’s important to cook tapioca so it’s not too soft and not to hard.  We always look for a nice firmness in the middle so it cleaves well when biting.  Our premium tapioca also has a unique taste that an inferior tapioca ball can’t compare to.

So come and taste the differnce next time you visit.

Not a tapioca fan?  Try our Flan Pudding and other Add-Ins.

10/11 2012

By jonpei


Bubble Teas: Our Sugar Free Bubble Teas offer you a refreshing option with almost no calories.  All the fruit flavors are sugar free and the milk teas are made with Splenda.  You get your choice of Add-ins or fresh fruit bits.

NSA Smoothies:  Our No Sugar Added Smoothies are a great alternative to diet conscious people who still want to enjoy a one of a kind Fruit Chiller Smoothie.  The smoothie base only contains 2 grams of sugar.  We add in REAL fruit as well.

Pure Protein: Simple and surprisingly good for a straight protein shake.  We blend a plain protein smoothie and add ONLY fresh fruit to it for flavor.  Great for meal replacements or post workout!

09/21 2012

By jonpei

For all those crazy Asian people who ask for that extra aromatic taste of Longan Honey.  We have got that for you!

To clarify what this all means… Honey is produced by bees which collect nectar from plants in the area.  So us crazy Taiwanese people tried putting bees in an Longan orchid (which are very similar to the more popular lychee fruit).  What you get is a fruity aromatic with a sweeter taste than the standard american “clover” honey.

Stop by and try adding it our Jasmine Green Tea or Black Milk tea for an uplifting spin on your bubble tea.  Just ask for our new Longan Honey (Logan is an easier way to pronounce it for all us lazy people.) =)